It's time to reauthorize funding and establish priorities for the faa

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Why Congress should reauthorize the faa

This year, Congress has the opportunity to reauthorize funding and establish priorities for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is tasked with ensuring safety across all aviation sectors and operating an efficient air traffic control system. We believe Congress should address several high priority issues as it works to make air travel even safer and more efficient.

Our priority issues

Modernize infrastructure

Implementing NextGen technology and related operating procedures will improve the travel experience for all of us by reducing delays, enhancing safety and mitigating commercial and business aviation’s environmental impact. U.S. carriers have already invested hundreds of millions of dollars to install NextGen technology on their aircraft and have been working with the FAA to get the new system up and running as soon as possible. This year’s reauthorization bill must include oversight of and accountability for all parties responsible for NextGen implementation, ensuring that government organizations meet performance goals.

Reform regulations

Truly transformative legislation requires Congress to tackle real regulatory reform for the FAA and the Department of Transportation (DOT). Factors like employment, economic growth and global competitiveness must be considered when drafting future regulations, which also should meet strict cost-benefit standards.

If Congress is serious about protecting consumers and ensuring transparency, it should include the provisions of the Transparent Airfares Act in the FAA Reauthorization bill to ensure our customers know how much of their advertised ticket price is attributable to federal taxes and fees.

Reduce taxes

Efforts to raise airfare taxes, including the Passenger Facility Charge, are nothing more than tax increases on travelers. Congress has to call these tax increases what they are and protect our customers from being used, yet again, as ATMs for raising government revenue.


Airports have the funding they need to complete necessary capital improvement projects.
They shouldn’t be pushing Congress to nearly double the tax American travelers have to pay when using an airport.
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