The airline industry supports over 10 million jobs across America.

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Airline Operations Image
1,362,000 Jobs Airline Operations
Airport Operations Image
542,000 Jobs Airport Operations
Aircraft Engine Manufacturing Image
78,000 Jobs Aircraft Engine Manufacturing
Aircraft Manufacturing Image
607,000 Jobs Aircraft Manufacturing
Aircraft Parts & Equipment Manufacturing Image
409,000 Jobs Aircraft Parts & Equipment Manufacturing
Airport Image
Travel Agents Image
129,000 Jobs Travel Agents
Research & Development Image
223,000 Jobs Research & Development
Hospitality & Tourism Image
6,522,000 Jobs Hospitality & Tourism
Air Cargo Services Image
512,000 Jobs Air Cargo Services
Airplane Image
512,000 Jobs Air Cargo Services
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How we do it

U.S. airlines directly employ 750,000 people. As we grow, so does demand in related industries such as research and development, manufacturing and tourism. In total, airlines help support more than 10 million jobs across America, providing a significant boost to the nation’s economic strength.


Opportunities for the future

In order to modernize and keep pace with technology, we must reform our air traffic control infrastructure. Reform will create additional opportunities for economic growth and job creation across the country.

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United States
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Federal Aviation Administration

Airlines support 5% of U.S. GDP.

We've surpassed pre-recession employment levels.

U.S. airline direct employment (year-end)


Our salaries are rising faster than other industries.

Average salary of U.S. employee vs. U.S. airline employee


Bureau of Economic Analysis; A4A Passenger Airline Cost Index

Airline job growth is exceeding the U.S. average.

Year-over-year change (%)


Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Transportation Statistics

U.S. airlines employ more than 700,000 individuals.

That amounts to about 75 jobs per aircraft.


Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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