Protect our Points

Protect our Points

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Millions of Americans use credit cards every day to accumulate points and earn rewards that allow them to travel, explore and create new memories. The Credit Card Competition Act, currently under consideration in Congress, could eliminate these popular credit cards and cost travelers their points.


30 million
U.S. airline credit cardholders
of all frequent flier miles/points issued in 2022 were generated by credit card use
15 million
domestic trips awarded through credit card points
$23 billion
in economic activity generated by airline credit cards in 2022
Did you know?
On average, nearly one out of every four U.S. households has an airline credit card.
Source: A4A analysis


We urge Congress to consider the negative impacts this legislation will have on the millions of consumers
who use credit cards to accrue reward points, including airline miles, each and every day.

Frequently asked questions

What is an airline affinity credit card?

Airlines partner with banks, community financial institutions and credit unions to provide consumers with credit options featuring rewards programs that accumulate points/miles every time they use a card. These programs allow airlines to reward their most loyal customers with perks such as free checked bags, upgraded seats, priority status and even free trips and vacations!

Tell Congress to #ProtectOurPoints

Tell them you like the travel opportunities created by your credit card rewards and to oppose the Durbin-Marshall Credit Card Competition Act.

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