U.S. Airlines are Hiring

Job growth within U.S. passenger airlines is outpacing job growth nationwide and our employees earn wages 37% higher than the average private sector employee.

Airlines Fly Green

The U.S. airline industry is committed to protecting the environment and identifying sustainable solutions in the fight against climate change. Learn more about how we’re making our operations greener and our skies cleaner.

Airlines are Committed to You

U.S. airlines are going above and beyond to deliver passengers and packages to their destinations safely every day.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

A4A and its member carriers are dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion among passengers and employees.

Airlines Give Back

A4A's members are stepping up in service to communities — supporting community-based programs providing support and volunteerism to our neighbors as well as contributing to global relief missions.

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Key Priorities

Safety & Security




Global Significance

Data & Statistics

In Flight Updates
In Flight Updates

Stop Air Tax

Stop Air Tax Now

There’s a hidden tax on your airline tickets, and airports want to raise it even higher.

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