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Jan 18, 2022

U.S. Airline/Airport Operations


Completion Factor


Daily Scheduled

OTP (A14)

OTP (D0)

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Avg TXO mins



Daily Scheduled

% of Flights Operating On Time (A14)
  • 80-100

  • 60-79

  • 0-59

  • Pending

% of Flights Operating On Time (A14)

Recent U.S. Airport Performance

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Descriptions and definitions: All data provided by Anuvu – masFlight (, Domestic and International flight departures for U.S. airlines (mainline and regional) to U.S. airports. Non-U.S. airlines are not included. Today’s flight performance is cumulative throughout the day. D0 = Departed on or before schedule. A14 = Arrived within 15 minutes of schedule. OTP = On-Time Performance. Completion Factor (CF) = Percent of scheduled departures. Pending = departed, currently in flight. Avg TXO mins = Average taxi out time.

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