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Statement from Nicholas E. Calio, Airlines for America President and CEO

We are grateful to President Biden, National Economic Council (NEC) Director Deese, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Dickson for their efforts to work collaboratively with the aviation and telecommunications industries to address longstanding concerns about the safety of flying in a new 5G environment. We also appreciate AT&T and Verizon’s willingness to ensure the continuation of service for the traveling and shipping public, avert disruption to the National Airspace System (NAS) and provide time to implement mitigations. We have not yet seen the details of the agreements. However, this pause provides the opportunity to ensure all stakeholders, consumers and the U.S. economy are served in the long run. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with all stakeholders so the United States remains a world leader in both safety and innovation.


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