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A4A Statement on Senate FAA Reauthorization Markup

WASHINGTON –The following statement is attributable to Airlines for America (A4A):

Airlines for America is pleased to see an FAA reauthorization bill produced by the Senate Commerce Committee after months of hard work and tough negotiations. We especially appreciate the leadership of Chair Cantwell and Ranking Member Cruz working to address the many requests of numerous stakeholders and multiple government agencies. Crafting this bill was a delicate balance, and we recognize their dedication to getting us here today. 

We are grateful that the committee chose to forgo policies that would harm consumers and unnecessarily raise operating costs and passenger fares. Their commonsense approach to regulation ensures that carriers can continue to serve both customers and employees.  

We will continue to work with members and their staffs to ensure that the final product appropriately addresses the distinct and material federal deficiencies of our current aviation system and reflects the importance of a safe, healthy and robust system for the traveling and shipping public, jobs and the national economy. 


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