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U.S. Airlines Take to the Snowy Skies This Winter

Through the holiday season rush, multiple snowstorms and plummeting temperatures, U.S. Airlines have been working nonstop to get passengers and packages to their destinations around the world. Take a look at the highlights below for a glimpse at our members’ winter adventures and what’s yet to come this snowy season!

Alaska Airlines


American Airlines




Hawaiian Airlines

Winter blues

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JetBlue Airways


Southwest Airlines

Winter is nearly here, which means you’ll be seeing more scenes like this in our cold-weather cities. This photo was taken last year in DEN by @ramprat_kylecote. So what exactly is going on here? Kyle explains: “The de-icing trucks in this picture are currently applying type I fluid which cleans the aircraft of ice and snow. The steam you see is caused by the heat of the fluid being heated up to around 180 degrees Fahrenheit. After they finish the application of type I, they move on to type IV fluid, which acts as a barrier to prevent snow build up as they head to takeoff. While it usually takes two trucks to de-ice a plane on a normal cold weather day, we need three or sometimes even four trucks to de-ice during snowfall.”

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United Airlines 

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