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A4A Commends Senate Appropriators for FAA Funding

WASHINGTON | July 21, 2023 – Airlines for America (A4A) thanks the Senate Appropriations Committee for their continued support with robust Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding for Fiscal Year 2024.  

“A4A greatly appreciates the significant investments proposed by Senate appropriators. The committee’s bill will materially transform our National Airspace System, improving safety, increasing efficiency and building resiliency,” said Nicholas E. Calio, President and CEO of A4A. “We especially applaud the emphasis on addressing the air traffic controller shortage. The funding will allow FAA to add 1,800 new controllers while improving flight data management systems and other technologies that should advance NextGen modernization. Senate appropriators also recognize the tremendous work airlines are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy independent. Full funding of the ASCENT and CLEEN programs will help carriers continue their critical sustainability work.”

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