Airlines for America (A4A), formerly the Air Transport Association (ATA), was the first and remains the only trade organization of the leading U.S. passenger and cargo carriers.

Founded in 1936, the organization played a key role in all major government decisions regarding the aviation industry since its founding, including the creation of the Civil Aeronautics Board, establishment of the air traffic control system and airline deregulation.

In the 80 year history of the association, A4A has supported America’s airlines by promoting the industry as the world’s safest form of transportation, advocating for fair taxation and regulations that encourage global competition and by coordinating industry actions toward environmental responsibility, economic growth and technological advances.

Annual Reports

2011 We Connect the World
2010 When America Flies, It Works
2009 Evolution: A New Vision for Moving America
2008 Connecting and Protecting our Planet
2007 Balancing the Aviation Equation
2006 Smart Skies: A Blueprint for the Future
2005 New Thinking for a New Century: Making Airlines a National Priority
2004 Your Airlines: Where the American Dream Takes Flight
2003 Enormous Challenges
2002 O Beautiful for Spacious Skies: America’s Airlines…From Sea to Shining Sea
2001 Customers First: Commitment and Opportunity
2000 A New Century/A New Vision
1999 Windows of Opportunity
1998 Deregulation/Competition/Value: Freedom of Choice
1997 The Power of Partnership 1996 60 Years of Service
1996 60 Years of Service
1995 10 Billion Passengers Safely Flown
1994 Industry Struggles for Economic Stability
1993 The Airline Industry: A People Industry
1992 An Endangered Species
1991 The Industry’s Worst Business Year
1990 The People of the Airlines: Accomplishments and Aspirations
1989 Deregulation Demythologized
1988 Another Record Breaking Year
1987 An Unprecedented Year
1986 ATA’s 50th Anniversary
1985 Airline Industry Nears Million Passengers Daily
1984 A New Era of Airline Competition and Growth
1983 Quarter Century of Jet Service
1982 Second Consecutive Year without Passenger Fatality
1981 A Decade of Progress
1980 Airline Passengers Top 300 Million
1979 A Record Year of Service
1978 75 Years of Powered Flight
1977 Service to the Nation
1976 A Stamp of Approval
1975 An Anniversary Approaches
1974 Energy/Economics/Environment: A Time to Look Back – A Time to Look Forward
1973 15 Years of Jet Service – More Growth Ahead
1972 A Time to Take Stock
1971 The Airlines Start their Turnaround
1970 The Airline Commitment: A New Jet Age
1969 One Jet Age Ends – and Another Begins
1968 Air Transportation and National Goals
1967 How the Airlines Are Contributing to Economic Stability
1966 Air Transport and the Quality of Living
1965 A Job for the Ablest Leaders of the Generation
1964 50th Anniversary of Scheduled Air Transportation
1963 New Heights in Service…to the Public and to the Nation
1962 New Dimensions in Public Service
1961 Progress, Problems and Potential
1960 1959: First Full Year of the Jet Age
1959 On Stage in 1958: The Civil Jet Age
1958 The First Twenty Years
1957 The Job Ahead
1956 A Decade of Post War Service
1955 Record of Increased Usefulness
1954 Scheduled Airlines Continue to Set New Records
1953 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight
1952 Continued Growth of Scheduled Airlines Due to Safety, Economy, and Dependability
1951 Scheduled Airlines and National Defense
1950 Operations of the Scheduled Airlines in 1949
1949 Operations of the Scheduled Airlines in 1948
1948 Operations of the Scheduled Airlines in 1947
1946 A Record Breaking Year
1945 Air Transportation Today and Tomorrow
1944 Flight Plan for Victory and Peace
1943 Leading the World in Air Transport
1942 Backlog of National Defense
1941 Air Transport: An Eye to the Future
1940 Scheduled Air Transportation: The Industry
1937 Little Known Facts




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