The Power of Choice

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The Power of Choice (1)

Air travel is affordable, more convenient and safer than ever. Our industry continues to connect travelers to their destinations in new and accessible ways. Read on to learn why it’s never been a better time to fly! (1)



Thanks to robust competition, air travel is more affordable, convenient and innovative than ever.

Airfares Have Dropped Almost 50%

Since airline industry deregulation in 1978, domestic fares have dropped nearly 50 percent (adjusted for inflation, including fees), and now passengers have more choices than ever.

Airfares Have Risen Less Than Other Prices

Consumers are facing sharply rising prices for food, gas, housing and electricity, but not for airfares. Competition between air carriers has kept airfares at historically low levels.

Consumers are Facing Rising Prices for Food, Gas, Housing and Electricity, But NOT for Airfares

Competition between air carriers has kept airfares at historically low levels.

Competition continues to rise

From 2000 – 2023, the number of competitors per domestic air trip rose, as did passenger access to lower-cost carriers. In 2021, for example, two new low-cost airlines entered the U.S. air-travel marketplace.

Competition Leads to Product Reinvestment

Airlines continue to reinvest in their offerings to enhance the travel experience.

invested by U.S. airlines in 2023 on new aircraft, technology, ground equipment and facilities.
invested by U.S. airlines in 2023 on technology, including website and mobile app development.
Leading independent airline customer service index reports steady rise in airline satisfaction among passengers.
New planes provide a quieter, more comfortable flight with less emissions.
Improved mobile apps give you up-to-the-minute flight information.
High-speed in-flight WiFi keeps you connected on 
the go.
Expanding in-flight entertainment turns flights into private screenings.

of American travelers checked in electronically

of Americans prefer booking travel on airline apps and websites.

of Americans use their mobile devices to board the aircraft.

COMPETITION LEADS TO Flying for everyone

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