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A4A is Proud to Partner with DHS and DOT to Combat Human Trafficking

Airlines for America (A4A) is proud to partner with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) in combating human trafficking through the Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI). BLI trains airport and airline employees to identify potential traffickers and human trafficking victims, along with how to report suspicions to federal law enforcement.

As part of the partnership, A4A will work with DHS and DOT in support of this initiative and will offer BLI virtual training courses to all A4A staff members. This important training provides employees with knowledge about human trafficking including indicators of what to watch for According to BLI, more than 200,000 aviation industry employees have gone through their training.

Through education and training, A4A and our member airlines can continue to help prevent this terrible crime.

“A4A is committed to the fight against human trafficking, and we are proud to partner with DHS and DOT through the Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI),” said Lauren Beyer, Airlines for America’s Vice President of Security and Facilitation. “By providing training to our staff, along with continuing to support the initiatives our carriers are already undertaking, we can help reduce exposure to trafficking across the aviation industry.”

A4A member airlines have long been participants of a number of anti-human trafficking initiatives, and A4A is excited to join in and do our part.

For additional resources on BLI, visit

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