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Statement from A4A President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio

We are grateful for the strong leadership of FAA Administrator Steve Dickson and his unwavering commitment to aviation safety. Today, aviation remains the safest mode of transportation and the FAA continues to be the gold standard for aviation safety in the world.

Administrator Dickson was instrumental to the survival of U.S. airlines during the most challenging time in our industry‚Äôs history — the global pandemic — which decimated commercial aviation. We are now moving toward recovery in no small part because he fostered a communicative working relationship with aviation stakeholders to directly address the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, prioritized our joint commitment to data-driven solutions and worked collaboratively to protect the health and safety of airline crews and passengers.

An Air Force veteran and a commercial airline pilot, Administrator Dickson knows the importance of safety firsthand. There is nobody more devoted to aviation or more dedicated to safety than Steve Dickson. We wish him only the best as he begins the next chapter.


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