Airlines Fly Cargo

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Air Cargo Connects The World

1,514 mi
Columbia to Miami
5,713 mi
Israel to NYC
3,625 mi
Chicago to China
Aircraft Parts
2,536 mi
Miami to Brazil
Fresh Salmon
6,693 mi
New Zealand to LA
Stone Fruits
5,127 mi
Seattle to Korea
1,555 mi
Kentucky to Canada
4,280 mi
Chile to Miami
6,777 mi
Dallas to Korea
Cell Phones
7,009 mi
China to Chicago
5,183 mi
Miami to Italy
3,539 mi
Philadelphia to London
5,425 mi
Africa to NYC
Aircraft Parts
5,183 mi
Miami to Italy
2,438 mi
Peru to Miami

U.S. airlines transport more than 61,000 tons of goods on a daily basis.

Most items shipped are high-value, time-sensitive, or of life-saving importance. U.S. airlines fly high-value electronics, fresh food and flowers, live animals and medical supplies.

Live Animals


U.S. airlines ship all kinds of precious cargo, but the term truly applies when our members transport living, breathing animals. We’ve been flying animals since the early 1930’s, and today it’s considered the most humane method over long distances. When our airlines transport passengers like giant pandas, pardoned turkeys, dolphins and other sea animals and, of course, your pets, their well-being is priority number one.


Precious Cargo


Thanks to the airlines, online shopping has become an everyday convenience. Fruits, flowers and vegetables were some of the first items to be shipped by air, and now we’re doing it better than ever with climate-controlled cabins and cargo containers, cost-effective packaging and secure handling techniques.


Fresh Food


Whether it’s the season for fresh-caught fish from to Chile or oyster varieties from Massachusetts, U.S. airlines have businesses covered when time is of the essence. When consumers demand prime, fresh meat and other perishables delivered fresh, U.S. airlines make it possible.


Medical Supplies

Several vials with medication, conceptual image

From essential vaccines to high-tech equipment, medical resources are only helpful if they’re in the right place at the right time, uncompromised. That’s why the U.S. airlines take every precaution when transporting critical medical supplies. Modern healthcare relies on access, and no one can provide access like the U.S. airlines.

Several vials with medication, conceptual image

Air cargo innovations

U.S. airlines are investing in next-generation tracking technologies to increase efficiency and improve real-time tracking.

U.S. airlines are investing in next-generation tracking technology to more precisely track cargo. Using technology innovations like radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and GPS, cargo carriers can more efficiently monitor shipment integrity and offer accurate tracking information in real time. These innovations proved invaluable following the approval of COVID vaccines in the fall of 2020, enabling cargo carriers to closely monitor cold-storage requirements for doses shipped in the accelerated rollout of vaccines across the country.

Value of Goods Traded with the U.S. by Air ($ Billions)


Airlines make global connections possible. Thanks to air cargo, a person in Miami can enjoy fragrant flowers grown fresh in Colombia, or a business in South Korea can serve delicious cherries flown fresh from Seattle.

Shipping by airlines makes life easier by bringing essential everyday items directly to consumer. Both passenger and cargo carriers provide a variety of reliable cargo services, meeting your shipping needs and expediting delivery of goods to their final destination more safely and efficiently than any other means of transportation.

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