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Airlines Celebrate Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Some of the most important people sending you safely into the air are celebrating their profession today, and its founder, Charles Taylor, engine builder and mechanic to the Wright Brothers. Along with pilots and flight attendants, Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) are critical partners in your travel experience.

Today, May 24, aviation maintenance technicians and mechanics around the world are celebrating Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Charles Taylor’s 150th birthday, and continuing his legacy, by enabling airplanes to safely and reliably to take to the skies each day.

So what is an AMT? In short, aviation maintenance technicians repair and maintain aircraft. Duties range from conducting regularly scheduled inspections, to troubleshooting, repair and general maintenance of these increasingly high-tech, complicated machines. AMTs are in high-demand and must complete highly specialized training and obtain FAA certification to ensure they possess the knowledge to keep airplanes safely flying.

Without the important work of AMTs, the airline industry would be unable to function. With their partner professionals, AMTs assure that the U.S. airlines are able to provide the safest mode of transportation in the world, transporting 2.3 million passengers and 55,000 tons of cargo to worldwide destinations every day.


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