A Better Flight Plan


Air Travel in Winter Weather

There’s nothing like snow to get you in the holiday spirit, but the Christmas carol is right: The weather outside may be frightful! Weather has the largest impact on changes to flight plans, from hurricanes to blizzards. As you pack your bags and head to the airport this holiday season, it is important to understand how U.S. airlines are prioritizing your safety – even amid inclement winter weather. 

Winter weather does not always mean a change to your flight plans. U.S. airline employees—including pilots, flight attendants, grounds crews, flight dispatchers and maintenance technicians— are all highly trained and prepared to account for winter weather. They make every effort to ensure passengers arrive at their destinations safely and efficiently.

Our carriers work diligently to ensure your safety at every step by constantly monitoring real-time data from advanced weather technologies and are in regular communication with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to assess weather conditions. No one wants changes to their flight plans, and the decision to delay or cancel a flight is never taken lightly – but the safety of all travelers is our top priority.

Ahead of arriving at the airport this holiday season, travelers should download their carriers’ mobile app. This is the most effective and efficient way to get the most up-to-date flight information and to make changes to your travel plans. Passengers should also pay attention to overhead announcements within the airport and at their gate.

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