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A4A Moderates Women in Aviation Panel in Dallas

A4A SVP & Chief Financial and Operating Officer Paul Archambeault moderated a panel discussion entitled “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges and Empowering Women at Work” at the Women in Aviation Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Joining Archambeault for the discussion were Christine Burgeson, A4A SVP of Global Government Affairs; Sharon Pinkerton, A4A SVP of Legislative and Regulatory Policy; Patricia Vercelli, A4A SVP & General Counsel; and Karen Keller, A4A SVP and Chief of Staff. A4A is proud that 5 of 7 senior vice presidents are women.

The discussion focused on recruiting and retaining women in the aviation industry, including mentorship, work flexibility, parental leave and more.

“Fill the void and always look to add value and stop apologizing for being aggressive in your role when it’s necessary,” said Christine Burgeson, A4A SVP of Global Government Affairs. “You can have it all, do it all and have real work-life balance.”

In December 2019, A4A, along with six other organizations, released the results of the first global study about women in the aviation and aerospace industry, “Soaring Through the Glass Ceiling.”

The study acknowledged successes along the way, but it revealed that the industry still has work to do to achieve gender parity and fully leverage the power of women.

When that report was published, A4A President and CEO Nick Calio said, “The simplest way to add more women is to start hiring more. Just do it! It starts by hiring the best people and adding qualified females to your team.” He continued, “Here at A4A, we work hard, we work smart and we have fun, too. Having such a strong female presence in leadership roles helps create a culture that attracts more women throughout the organization.”

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