Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

“On top of the tragedy of the coronavirus, we’ve had the senseless and tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. It is sickening to see these occur in the present day. We must be better than this. And I think we all also know that it’s not the responsibility of Black Americans and other communities of color to correct the conditions which led to the attacks. That responsibility lies with all of us.”

— Brad Tilden, CEO


“We recognize these are global problems that have particularly plagued the United States for more than 400 years. We believe very strongly that those who are privileged with leadership have a responsibility to break down barriers to success for those less privileged. Our primary collective responsibility is to ensure that it is the case here at American Airlines. But we also need to use our voices within the business community to encourage and support corporate efforts to eliminate systemic racism in America.”

— Doug Parker, CEO


“While our words alone will not solve these crimes, thoughtful action combined with a focus on championing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and within our personal lives will play a healing role to help us keep climbing. The Delta family will use whatever means we have to move the world toward a better, more just tomorrow.”

— Ed Bastian, CEO


“At FedEx, our workforce is as diverse as the world we serve, and we believe that everyone deserves respect. Embracing diversity is not just the right thing to do; we also have proven that it fosters innovation and makes us a more competitive company. It’s also about fostering acceptance, promoting anti-biases, and encouraging a more inclusive society. These values are core to who we are and how we operate.”

— Frederick W. Smith, Chairman & CEO and Raj Subramaniam, President & COO


“Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen how our mission is more essential than ever – one way we can make it real is to help ensure that Black people are valued and racism is eradicated. The tragic and unnecessary deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others have ignited a difficult conversation on systemic racial inequality and the continuous, historic disadvantages people of color face. The civil outcry around racial inequality offers us another opportunity to use our platform for good. We, along with all corporations, play an important role in fighting against these injustices and reducing barriers.”


“We stand alongside our Black Employees, Customers, and communities whose voices will no longer be silenced. We must not tolerate racial injustice; we must not tolerate hate. We must stand for love.”


“The globe on the tail of our aircraft represents our mission to connect people and unite the world. A world united, and the world we’re committed to help build, is one where we stand together against racism and in support of those working to promote reconciliation. We feel the anger, despair, and grief that weighs on the hearts of so many, especially our black colleagues, customers and community. Black lives matter.”


“Sadly, recent incidents in Brunswick, Georgia, Minneapolis, Louisville and New York City, and the resulting social unrest across America confront us with a different reality. A reality that reveals the worst in humanity. A reality that hate lies just below the surface and discrimination, fear and violence can happen anywhere.”

— Carol B. Tomé, CEO of UPS