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Your Fellow Passenger: Meet the Senior Traveler

Today’s air travel is more accessible than ever and our skies have never been more diverse. From first-time fliers to seasoned veterans, your next flight is sure to bring together different people from all over the world headed toward their next destination. We’d like to help you get to know a few of your fellow passengers. Throughout the year, we introduced you to the Road Warrior, the Family Travelers and the Millennial Travelers. Finally, we’d like to introduce you to the Senior Traveler.

People dream about it their entire lives—when the average workweek is no longer a factor, the world can be your oyster. And whether it’s the vacation to Italy they’ve always dreamed of or a trip to see their granddaughter’s first soccer goal, retirees depend on air travel to get them there. Sixty-six percent of Senior Travelers are enrolled in a frequent flyer program, so they can earn miles on every trip.

With a lifetime of adventure waiting around every corner, retired travelers are always looking forward to their next adventure. Almost a third of Senior Travelers were likely to fly for personal international travel in 2016 while 76 percent planned to fly for domestic personal travel.

With airfares down 6 percent in 2016 alone, on top of dropping 5 percent in 2015, there has never been a better time for retired travelers to take to the skies. That’s one of the reasons why almost 80 percent of travelers over the age of 55 are satisfied with their overall air travel experience.

Today’s Senior Travelers are a technologically savvy bunch, with more than 60 percent checking in for their flight on a desktop or mobile device.

With fewer time commitments, retirees are discovering their love for travel all over again. U.S. airlines give Senior Travelers the freedom to explore the world and experience the new adventures they’ll find there—especially if that new adventure includes being there to help your grandson take his very first steps.

To learn more about the Senior Traveler and this year’s State of Air Travel in the United States annual survey, please visit http://survey.airlines.org/.

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