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Your Fellow Passenger: Meet the Millennial

Today’s air travel is more accessible than ever and our skies have never been more diverse. From first-time fliers to seasoned veterans, your next flight is sure to bring together different people from all over the world, headed toward their next destination. We’d like to help you get to know a few of your fellow passengers. This summer, we introduced you to the Family Travelers and today we’d like to introduce you to the Millennial Travelers.

With a smart phone in one hand and a tablet in the other, these young travelers are ready to take on the world, both online and in real-life. Thanks to the ease and convenience of airline and travel apps, 76 percent of Millennials use a computer, mobile device or tablet to check in for their flights.

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat never rest, which is why Millennial travelers especially benefit from newer aircraft, complete with WiFi access, personal TV screens and charging outlets. And lucky for these young travelers, airlines are bringing even more new planes into their fleet, buying 388 brand-new aircraft in 2015, with more than 366 expected this year.

Millennials know that getting to your destination is half the fun, and prefer to fly with two or more people on their personal trips. Fifty-five percent are likely to fly for personal international travel and 77 percent are likely to fly for personal domestic travel in 2016.

The next generation of travelers is quickly coming-of-age and exploring the world like never before. Wanderlust is driving the decisions of Millennials, who know that the best way to see the world is by plane. Eighty-eight percent of Millennial Travelers are satisfied with their airline experience and rely on air travel to expand their horizons.

Whether they’re embarking on an adventure to study abroad or flying home for a home-cooked meal, Millennials appreciate the ease and convenience that flying brings and are looking forward to the ever-advancing future of air travel.

To learn more about the Millennial and this year’s State of Air Travel in the United States annual survey, please visit http://survey.airlines.org/.

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