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Your Fellow Passenger: Meet the Family Traveler

Today’s air travel is more accessible than ever and our skies have never been more diverse. From first-time fliers to seasoned veterans, your next flight is sure to bring together different people from all over the world, headed toward their next destination. We’d like to help you get to know a few of your fellow passengers and will be introducing you to four very different travelers over the next several months.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Family Travelers. With the little ones in tow, sometimes travel can be challenging, especially if you forget to pack a favorite teddy bear. Family Travelers look for convenience and cost when traveling by air, and airlines have stepped up to meet their needs.

Just over half of all Family Travelers are between 18 and 34 years old, while 38 percent are between 35 and 54. They’re a tech-savvy group, and nearly three-quarters of all Family Travelers prefer the ease of online and mobile check-in.

Because flying is so affordable, families take 2.7 business trips and 3.2 leisure trips per year. About 60 percent of all Family Travelers earn less than $100K a year and 89 percent are satisfied with their overall air travel experience.

For Family Travelers, the journey is half the fun. From wheels up to the first glimpse of Cinderella’s castle, air travel should be an exciting adventure for the whole family. Our member airlines are in the business of making sure this trip of a lifetime is a reality for every Family Traveler.

To learn more about the Family Traveler and this year’s State of Air Travel in the United States annual survey, please visit http://survey.airlines.org/.

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