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TSA Don’t Be THAT Guy!

In case you hadn’t heard already, air travel in the U.S. just got more expensive.

On July 21, the taxes air travelers pay for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) increased as much as 124 percent on their itinerary. Passengers making multiple stops could face enormous increased costs, which flies against Congress’ intent thanks to the White House.

With the new tax system, the government plans to collect $1 billion in new taxes from air travelers, and it’s not even being spent on security.

You don’t just have to stand by and watch as TSA puts its hands in your pockets.  Congress has the power to stop this and help protect consumers from excessive fees and you have the power to make Congress take action.

We’ve launched www.TSADontBeTHATGuy.com so you can send a letter to your Member of Congress urging them to stop this revenue grab by the White House. The new tax violates Congressional intent, levies an excessive fee on travelers and won’t be spent on improving security or passenger screenings. In short, it’s got to go.

We need your support to help stop this new inappropriate tax scheme aimed at raising revenues on the backs of air travelers.

Airlines are fighting this excessive revenue grab on behalf of our customers by taking the TSA to court to make sure that consumers are protected.

We’re doing everything we can to help protect air travelers from excessive taxes, but we won’t win this fight without your support.  Visit www.TSADontBeTHATGuy.com to write a letter and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Tell the TSA, “Don’t Be THAT Guy”

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