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Tales from the Tails: The Business Traveler

By Adam Sylvester

As a Field Technical Service Representative for the Toxicology Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, I conduct drug testing in a variety of settings including doctors’ offices, private labs and hospitals. One unique aspect of my job is that I do not have an assigned territory. My eight coworkers and I cover the entire United States. This means a lot of air travel!

I generally travel for work three weeks out of each month and am in a different city each week. A typical month for me could consist of being in Boston one week, Albuquerque the next and New Orleans the week after.

Whether I am traveling to an account at the beginning of the week or heading back home at the end, being on a plane gives me the chance to relax and unwind or take care of work on my laptop – thanks to Wi-Fi! Another benefit of flying for work is that I accumulate points or miles from the airline’s loyalty program, which allows me to visit family, especially during the holidays, for little or no cost.

If it weren’t for the airlines, my job would be nearly impossible. I would spend the time between accounts driving from city to city, which would leave me with no family life or free time. Because of the many options for air travel, I get to be home every weekend, regardless of where my account is the next week.


Meet Penny – who wouldn’t love to come home to this face!

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