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Tales from the Tails: Snowbirds

It’s that time of year when the extremely cold weather sets in and Northerners flock to warmer destinations with the hopes of soaking up some Vitamin D. We are all ready for spring, especially as so many in the United States are covered in another blanket of snow and ice. So we figured we would sit down and chat with Montauk, NY snowbirds Mary and John McLaughlin who head south to Puerto Rico each winter, really calling on our imaginations to transport us from this winter not-so-wonder-land.

Natives to the small fishing town Montauk, on the eastern most point of Long Island, Mary and John love living in the popular summer beach destination. The beautiful hamlet boasts great summer weather, expansive beaches and some of the greatest surfing spots on the East Coast. “The town really is beautiful and has the perfect weather during the summer, very low humidity,” Mary said.

While summer allows for full days wasted on the beach, the winter months can be brutally cold, so many residents head down south to the Caribbean where the weather and water are warm. “I like to spend the winter holidays in Montauk, but as soon as we ring in the New Year, we hop on a flight down south. Without the airlines, we would be stuck here frozen to the bone,” said John. With so many destinations offered by the U.S. airlines, this is much easier and more common than you might think.

Montauk, NY looking over Fort Pond

Montauk, NY looking over Fort Pond (Photo courtesy of Travis Beckmann)

Mary and John love traveling to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and arrive in a matter of hours despite a nearly 1600-mile difference. “You hop on a plane and in three hours, you’re sipping rum punches on the beach and swimming in crystal clear waters!” exclaimed John. Instead of cuddling up by the fire to stay warm, they toast to the 70-degree weather while sipping umbrella drinks by the pool. (To say we’re jealous would be an understatement!) “We really are grateful that airlines allow us to go to Puerto Rico. They even accommodate our dog Finny, who has been coming here her whole life,” Mary added.

Montauk natives Mary and John McLaughlin enjoying the Puerto Rican sunset in February 2015.

Montauk natives Mary and John McLaughlin enjoying the Puerto Rican sunset in February 2015.

So if you’ve got the winter blues, consider a weekend jaunt to somewhere warm! We even have some travel tips to help make the travel experience run smoothly. Also visit our weather site for tools and information that may assist in the event of inclement weather.

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