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Better Flight Plan
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Share Your Travel Story and Tell Us How We Connect Your World

If you’ve looked around an airport recently, you’ll notice one thing everyone has in common: we’re all on our phones.

Whether you like to listen to music as you walk to your gate or you’re trying to send a last-minute email before boarding begins, it’s no secret that we’re all a little disconnected from the world around us.

This modern convenience can sometimes be a huge missed opportunity. Airports are the perfect place to strike up a conversation with someone new. Where else can you find such a unique mix of people from all over the world, with endless stories to tell about their lives? By restricting our conversations to those within our phones, we are limiting ourselves to new information, experiences and friends.

So why not turn our constant connectivity into a positive experience? Whether you’re traveling to relax on the beach or hit the slopes, we want to hear about your unique journey. Share your travel experiences using the hashtag #WhyWeFly. While you’re at it, check out other passengers’ stories with our #WhyWeFly Facebook tab.

We all have a story to tell on the way to our final destination. Share yours by using #WhyWeFly on Instagram and Twitter and visit https://airlines.org/why-we-fly/ to read our featured traveler stories and learn more about this initiative.

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