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Plane Spotting Around the World

Before the holidays we featured a plane spotting session from a Washington, DC area favorite – Gravelly Point – and invited you to submit your own plane spotting tips and photos from around the world. Below are just a few of the submissions we received. Have others you would like to share? Email us at blog@airlines.org.

  1. “We stayed at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel. Nothing like plane spotting at the World’s Busiest Airport.”
    Chris C. – Atlanta

    chris c 1


  2. “I hit up two observation decks at RDU from time to time. Here is an Alaska Air Boeing 737 with sharklets.”
    Stephen H. – Raleigh, N.C.
    stephen h 2

    Raleigh, N.C.

    See a few more of Stephen’s pictures from RDU on Flickr.

  3. “Here are some pictures I took of my step dad, a 767/757 captain at Delta taxiing from the gate on his way to St. Thomas. I was inside the international terminal at the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International airport.”
    Jeff S. – Atlanta

    jeff s 3


  4. “I am based in London and my main airport is London Heathrow. I love seeing a lot of American airlines here. I take shots from the famous Myrtle Avenue most of the time. One of the pics is from Imperial Hill at LAX when I visited.”
    Henry H. – London and Los Angeles
    henry h 4


    henry h 4b

    Los Angeles

  5. “The two airlines/locations are: American Airlines, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Lufthansa, Frankfort International Airport.”
    Stephanie T. – Dallas and Frankfort
    stephanie t 5aa


    stephanie t 5lh



“Driving south or north on the 110 freeway south of downtown and before the 105. On a clear night you can see the planes approaching from the East and lining up the runway. The most I’ve ever counted was 13. Most of these being jumbo about 5 or 6 at night. Now they’ve spaced them farther apart.”
Muffie A. – Los Angeles, CA

*Muffie was driving so wasn’t able to snap a photo, but we still wanted to share her tips!

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