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One Activity for #AvGeek Kids This Summer

School is out for summer and that means you are probably looking for a fun activity to entertain your #AvGeek kids! Here’s a take on the classic paper airplane that will require a little insp-air-ation! Have your children follow the steps below to enter the “Design Your Own Airline” contest.

  1. Print out A4A’s “Design Your Own Airline” coloring page.
  2. Give your airline a name.
  3. Draw a logo on your plane.
  4. Color in the plane with its own unique livery scheme.
  5. Post a picture of your airline design on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #MyAirlineDesign.

We will choose one design to win a special prize and others will be featured on a future post!

A4A design your own airline

click the image for your printable plane

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