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Better Flight Plan
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Lonely Planet: Travel as Life, Not Luxury

As passengers we sometimes forget to be amazed by the miracle of flight and how a plane can take us across the country or around the world in a matter of hours. It has become much more commonplace to travel by air, with so many destination options and affordable fares. Lonely Planet puts the wonder of air travel into perspective with Top 10 Travel Trends of the Future.

Flying has become more accessible with new destinations added regularly, and even easier with better amenities and improved technologies. Airfares remain affordable, having not kept pace with inflation. (Check out our infographic “The Good Old Days” – it used to cost much more and take significantly more time!)

Air travel is also the safest it has ever been. The miracle of flight connects us with people and traditions across the globe, bringing families together for birthdays and holidays, or allowing us a glimpse of other cultures as we travel to explore new places or attend international events.

So the next time you’re sitting on a plane, stop for a moment to think about how amazing it is that you are sitting in a metal tube, flying through the air at hundreds of miles per hour.

Remember that your airline’s top priority is your safety and your crew and people behind the scenes are working hard every day to improve your travel experience and make flying even more efficient.

On the Plane: Adding state-of the-art seats, updating aircraft interiors, making improvements to in-flight entertainment and offering gourmet meal and beverages so that you have an enjoyable flight.

In the Air: Investing in new fuel-efficient aircraft and researching to use of alternative energy sources to do their part in creating cleaner skies.

On the Ground: Developing modern airport terminals and customer lounges to ensure that even your time at the airport is comfortable.

PS – Everything’s amazing right now and nobody’s happy.

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