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How Flowers Get From Field to Florist

Many people typically think of Valentine’s Day as the big flower holiday, but after this long winter, we are looking forward to seeing the Easter lily!

You may not realize that the airline industry plays a role in bringing everyday items directly within our reach, like the Easter lily and other seasonal flowers. Each day U.S airlines move nearly 50,000 tons of cargo, making life easier for all of us.

Cargo is a priority for our member airlines, as transporting valuable and highly perishable products by air continues to be the preferred method to safely and efficiently move goods across the country and around the world. Cargo carried by airlines represents more than one-third the value of all transported goods. Some of these include live animals, human organs for transplant, urgent airmail, industrial parts needed for repairs and perishables like fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and much more.

Check out this USA Today photo essay that features a behind the scenes look at how Southwest Airlines gets those flowers “from field to florist!”

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