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Growing Demand Fuels Job Creation in the U.S. Airline Industry

There’s no question that’s a great time to fly, as evidenced by customers enjoying low airfares, increased ticketing options and brand new planes and amenities available onboard. And as more people take advantage of the affordability and accessibility of air travel, the economy as a whole reaps the benefits.

A4A’s President and CEO Nicholas Calio recently joined CNBC to discuss the optimistic outlook for the industry and how profitability drives job growth among airlines and throughout other industries. During the interview, Calio noted “the more we hire, the more actual jobs we create in that ripple effect throughout the economy.”

Adding to an already optimistic outlook, airlines are encouraged by the White House’s new focus on investing in America’s infrastructure and removing burdensome regulations. “[The Administration] has also shown a proclivity for looking at current regulations that don’t make any sense and eliminating those,” said Calio. “Those savings, those efficiencies will make us better able to continue to invest in our employees and in our product.”

The U.S. airline industry directly employs nearly 700,000 people, supports 5 percent of U.S. GDP and is growing every day. Visit airlines.org/jobs to learn more about how the aviation industry empowers America.

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