A Better Flight Plan
Better Flight Plan
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From “There” to “Here”

From that moment Dad arrives from a business trip, to opening the package you’ve been waiting for, to welcoming a loved one back home – flying is what makes being “here” possible.

That’s why we launched our new campaign – #ThereToHere – to celebrate those moments.

Flying makes it possible to snap pictures together at graduation, blow out candles on birthdays and explore the back streets of a new city. It’s about vacations and  business trips and bringing people together in person.

With over 27,000 flights, more than 2 million passengers and nearly 50,000 tons of cargo carried every day, we understand that being “here” matters. We’re launching #ThereToHere with an online video highlighting those moments, and we will show many of the reasons why being “here” is better through a series of shareable social media graphics.

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