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Check out TSA PreCheck✓®

If you haven’t signed up for TSA Pre✓®, now is the time.

With record numbers of passengers taking to the skies this summer, enrolling in the TSA Pre✓® program will help you get through security faster and get your summer trip off to a smooth start.

We understand what a big factor airport security is in your overall travel experience. In fact, in our recent passenger survey, we learned that flyers who participated in an expedited screening program had a much better travel experience than those who did not. Those who have TSA Pre✓® or CBP Global Entry reported 82 percent and 95 percent satisfaction respectively.

Many airports are experiencing excessive security lines, in some cases exceeding 60 and 90 minutes. Airlines are working cooperatively with the TSA to help improve those waits, and many travelers are asking what more they can do to avoid long lines in the future.

Enrollment in TSA Pre✓® lasts for five years, and it’s a lot more than shorter lines and a faster security experience. Passengers with TSA Pre✓® have been prescreened through the enrollment process and as such:

  • TSA Pre✓® passengers don’t have to remove their shoes, belts or light jackets when moving through screening.
  • TSA Pre✓® passengers don’t have to remove approved liquids from their bag.
  • TSA Pre✓® passengers don’t have to take their laptops out of their bags and put them separately through the screener.
  • Passengers with Pre✓® pass through a standard metal detector, and unless the alarm sounds, typically don’t go through additional searches.

And with the help of our member airlines, enrolling in TSA Pre✓® has never been more convenient or cost-efficient.  Many airlines are opting to waive the cost of TSA Pre✓® for frequent flyers and may allow them to use their miles to cover the cost of enrollment. Many airline credit cards are also waiving the enrollment fee, so check with your card to see if you qualify for a refund.

If you’re the kind of passenger who wants a travel experience that includes all of these perks, or if you just don’t like taking off your shoes, it’s time to enroll in TSA Pre✓®.

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