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How Airlines are Making Air Travel Better for You

Airlines and airports work together to ensure that every passenger has a safe and pleasant travel experience. Last week, A4A’s SVP of Legislative and Regulatory Policy Sharon Pinkerton testified before the House T&I Subcommittee on Aviation to highlight the tremendous investment U.S. airlines, together with our airport partners, have made to improve the airport experience for customers around the country.

Joined by members of industry airport groups, Sharon emphasized that since 2008, the 29 largest airports (including ATL, LAX and JFK) alone have started or completed over $52 billion in renovations and improvements. They include new or substantially renovated terminals at both small and large airports, new international passenger facilities and new runways.

In addition to airport facility improvements, airlines are enhancing other aspects of the travel experience. Last year, airlines spent $12.4 billion (more than $1 billion per month on average) to make travel better, including upgrading baggage handling systems, renovating airport terminals and gate areas, enhancing mobile technology, adding Wi-Fi, and state-of the-art seats and interiors, expanding in-flight entertainment, and purchasing new fuel-efficient aircraft.

The passenger travel experience will continue to improve as airlines expect to invest an additional $12 billion this year.

Below are five examples of how airlines are working to help you have a safe and enjoyable flight.

  1. Airport Facilities

    The Sky Deck at Delta Sky Club at the New JFK Terminal 4


    American Airlines main cabin aboard the Boeing 777-300ER

  3. Kiosks – Check-in and Customs

    Automated Passport Control Kiosks (pictured above) at John F. Kennedy International Airport have significantly reduced customs wait times at a number of international airports.

  4. Mobile Technologies

    United Airlines launched its all-new mobile application for the iOS 7 platform, offering customers innovative new features, better functionality and an improved touch-friendly design.

  5. Baggage Tagging


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