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Airports are Fighting for the 4 Percent

U.S. airports are fighting for you … provided you are one of the 4 percent of American voters who think taxes should be increased.

Earlier this year Gallup conducted a survey and found that only 4 percent of respondents wanted their taxes to go up, and airports are happy to give those people exactly what they want.

If airports have their way, Congress will nearly double the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – or Airport Tax – as part of this year’s FAA reauthorization.

They want you to pay almost twice as much as you pay now, just to travel through an airport.

They say they need the money for airport improvement projects and that people support “modernizing the PFC” (read: nearly doubling the Airport Tax). They also say that consumers are willing to pay more if the money goes toward improvements.

But that’s not really the case.

Air travelers do not want – and cannot afford – another unnecessary tax increase. Especially not one that even the airports cannot justify. In fact, airports cannot point to a single example of a necessary improvement project that has not been funded under the current system.

Tell U.S. airports that passengers have had enough. Visit StopAirTaxNow.com to sign our petition opposing any increase in the airport tax.



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