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Better Flight Plan
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Airlines Celebrate National Tourism Day with Thousands of Connections Every Day

So you’ve decided to take a vacation. Congratulations, you’ve earned it! Those long hours on the job are really adding up and a trip is the perfect way to reward yourself. And while you’re packing your bags and looking forward to a few days off, thousands of people around the country are working hard to prepare for your arrival!

From check-in to landing, airline employees are there every step of the way. Your gate agent communicates with passengers and helps guide the boarding process while just steps away, ramp agents are transporting hundreds of pieces of luggage into the cargo hold. Control tower coordinators are communicating with pilots, and pilots are communicating with their crew. Airlines even employ meteorologists, who proactively monitor weather patterns around the world.

The U.S. airlines directly employ nearly 700,000 people who make it their job to connect you to your favorite people and places. And everyone from the travel agent who helped book your trip to your server at a beachfront restaurant is working for an industry that supports more than 10 million people across America who work tirelessly to make your vacation a complete success.

As U.S. airlines continue to grow to meet demand, so do small businesses and communities around the country. As you enjoy the fresh Alaskan salmon you’re having for dinner in Fort Lauderdale or sipping Kona coffee at breakfast in Yellowstone, remember that airlines help deliver 50,000 tons of cargo every day to make it all possible.

So whether you’re jetting off to hit the surf in San Diego or exploring the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, we look forward to playing a role in your perfect vacation from start to finish.

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