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Airline Accessibility Reaches New Heights

The year was 1971. Walt Disney World had just opened in Florida, the Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V, and only 49 percent of Americans had ever flown on an airplane.

A lot has changed in the past 45 years. That’s why A4A recently commissioned Ipsos Public Affairs to survey Americans and find out how, when, where and why they travel by air today.

The results of the survey proved one thing for certain: air travel is no longer an exclusive form of transportation. The amount of people who have traveled by air has increased dramatically since the original 1971 survey. Today, 81 percent of Americans have flown and the demographics of air travelers mirror the U.S. population: younger, middle class and mixed ethnicities.

The accessibility of today’s air travel points to us being in “The Golden Age of Flying” right now. We are in the safest period of aviation history. And, flying is about as affordable as it has ever been. In the last year alone, ticket prices dropped 5.1 percent system wide and à la carte pricing has enabled those who could not afford to fly before to now have options to pay for what they want and value.

Flying today is no longer for the elite few, but for the many. The affordability and accessibility of today’s air travel market has given people from every walk of life the chance to travel by air. Whether you’re connecting with loved ones across the country, visiting a new city halfway around the globe or taking a trip to Disney World, you can be sure that air travel can help get you to your final destination.

To learn more about this year’s State of Air Travel in the United States annual survey, please visit http://survey.airlines.org/.

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