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5 Resolutions for 2015

It’s that time of year when we all feel compelled to make resolutions about our lifestyle. Eat better, get fit, reduce stress, save money and improve performance at work.

As we move toward the deadline for FAA Reauthorization, the U.S. airline industry has some resolutions of our own that would help improve air travel for everyone.

  1. Eat Better – Lower Jet Fuel Cost
    Improving fuel efficiency is the right thing to do for our environment. Airlines support research and development of sustainable alternative fuels to provide a substitute to jet fuel, as well as advanced aircraft technologies and procedures such as Required Navigation Performance that could further reduce impact on the environment.
  2. Get Fit – Modernize Infrastructure
    Our current radar-based air traffic control system dates back to the 1950s. Implementing NextGen policies and procedures would modernize our air traffic control system, further enhance safety, reduce carbon emissions and improve customer satisfaction by reducing delays and cancellations.
  3. Reduce Stress – Reform Regulations
    U.S. airlines are one of the most heavily regulated deregulated industries. We need to reform the numerous inefficient and costly rules that improve neither safety nor the customer experience.
  4. Save Money – Reduce Taxes
    Aviation and its customers pay 17 different federal taxes and fees that totaled over $20 billion in 2014. Some would like to see that number go higher and increase the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC). It’s an unnecessary increase that will dampen demand, and harm travel and tourism. U.S. airports have ample resources to fund improvement projects. Reducing the current federal aviation tax burden and preventing future unnecessary tax increases would help ensure that prices remain affordable and enable U.S. airlines to reinvest in their business.
  5. Improve Work Performance – Enable Global Competition
    U.S. airlines are increasingly competing with foreign carriers who are subject to more favorable tax, regulatory and infrastructure environments. We need to level the playing field and allow U.S. carriers to compete globally, maintain air service to smaller communities and invest in the passenger experience.

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