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A4A President and CEO Nick Calio Joins the International Aviation Club for a Fireside Chat

Earlier this month, Airlines for America President and CEO Nick Calio joined Tim Keating, Executive Vice President at Boeing, for a virtual fireside chat as a part of the International Aviation Club’s Listen and Learn series. During the conversation, Calio discussed the U.S. airline industry’s COVID-19 recovery efforts, the return of international travel and the […]

Women’s History Month: A Salute Women Aviation Pioneers

All throughout March, Airlines for America has been recognizing women trailblazers in aviation in celebration of Women’s History Month. These women took to the skies when few people – men and women – were able to, making their aerial accomplishments all the more significant. Their paths were forged through tackling numerous challenges, including discrimination, and […]

Fueling a Sustainable Future

As the U.S. airlines recover from the devastating COVID-19 crisis and help restore travel across the U.S. and around the world, we know our customers and our country want that recovery to be an environmentally responsible one – and so do we. Prior to the pandemic, even as we transported a record 2.5 million passengers […]