A Better Flight Plan
Better Flight Plan
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The Aviation Industry Empowers America

Around the world, U.S. passenger and cargo airlines directly employ hundreds of thousands of people with high-quality careers – and the vast majority of those positions are based right here in America. A 2016 analysis by the Federal Aviation Administration showed that airlines and their customers, along with airports, manufacturers and suppliers, ultimately supported more […]

Living #TheFlyLife

Do you dream of visiting far off places? Or working with your hands on intricate pieces of technology?  Or maybe you just want something different, an escape from your everyday. If so, a career with the U.S. airlines might be exactly what you’re looking for. The U.S. airlines directly employ nearly 700,000 people with high-quality, […]

The Year of the Air Traveler

Whether you’re craving a beignet from an authentic New Orleans café, making a trip to watch your granddaughter’s first ballet recital or looking for a tropical destination to escape the last few weeks of winter, you can be sure that the U.S. airlines can get you there. And with affordable fares, constantly expanding schedules and […]

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