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Better Flight Plan
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Numbers Don’t Lie

U.S. airports are stepping up the pressure they’re putting on Congress to include an airport tax hike in this year’s FAA Reauthorization bill. But the call for a nearly 90 percent increase in the tax every passenger pays just to travel through an airport is unnecessary and just doesn’t make sense. Airports have tried to […]

Breaking it DOWn

Roger Dow, the President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association (U.S. Travel), is at it again. Mr. Dow is no stranger to making questionable and sometimes outlandish claims about the airline industry and how we serve our passengers.  If you are familiar with Mr. Dow, you won’t be very surprised to hear that he […]

Airports Are Hitting Your Wallet on Your Way to the Beach

Americans work hard to earn their summer vacation days and should be able to enjoy them without the unnecessary burden of another tax increase. Unfortunately, U.S. airports are asking Congress to increase the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC), or the Airport Tax, nearly doubling what air travelers pay just to pass through an airport. The truth is […]

From “There” to “Here”

From that moment Dad arrives from a business trip, to opening the package you’ve been waiting for, to welcoming a loved one back home – flying is what makes being “here” possible. That’s why we launched our new campaign – #ThereToHere – to celebrate those moments. Flying makes it possible to snap pictures together at […]

Travel Tips: Kids Flying Alone

Summer brings warm weather, beach days and some of the busiest travel days of the year. Generally it’s a time for families to vacation together, but it’s also a time when some kids needs to travel without their parent or legal guardian. Planning ahead helps ensure your young flyer’s trip goes as smoothly as possible. […]

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