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Better Flight Plan
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One Activity for #AvGeek Kids This Summer

School is out for summer and that means you are probably looking for a fun activity to entertain your #AvGeek kids! Here’s a take on the classic paper airplane that will require a little insp-air-ation! Have your children follow the steps below to enter the “Design Your Own Airline” contest. Print out A4A’s “Design Your […]

How to Prepare for a Weather Delay

Sometimes in looking out the window at a beautiful, clear blue sky, it is difficult to understand why our flight is delayed “due to weather.” As passengers, we are usually focused on our final destination – a reunion, business meeting, wedding or other special event – and don’t always think about the many ways in […]

Airports are Fighting for the 4 Percent

U.S. airports are fighting for you … provided you are one of the 4 percent of American voters who think taxes should be increased. Earlier this year Gallup conducted a survey and found that only 4 percent of respondents wanted their taxes to go up, and airports are happy to give those people exactly what […]

5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

For a frequent traveler, staying in shape and reducing stress can be a challenge. We asked you to send us travel tips for maintaining your physical and mental health while on the go. Here are the basic trends we saw in your responses – five easy rules to follow! Drink plenty of water before, during […]