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Claims About Airline Bags Don’t Carry Their Weight

There are many false claims made about the U.S. airline industry, and every so often it is important to set the record straight. Let’s correct the assertion that airlines are not taxed on the bag fees they collect. The problem is this claim just isn’t true. With this year’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill […]

Kick Off Summer, Kick Start Air Traffic Control Reform

When your bags are packed and a treasured holiday destination is just hours away, delays – whether on the road or in the air – aren’t any fun. Some aviation delays, like those caused by Mother Nature, are beyond human control and simply require patience and flexibility. Others, namely those caused by outdated technology, are […]

Simple Tips for a Stress-Free Global Getaway

This summer international travel on U.S. airlines is expected to reach an all-time high, with an estimated 31 million travelers flying from June 1 – August 31! Whether to a business meeting in Bangkok or a vacation in Vienna, if you are one of the lucky few millions, we have some tips for you. Check […]

Tales from the Tails: The Business Traveler

By Adam Sylvester As a Field Technical Service Representative for the Toxicology Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, I conduct drug testing in a variety of settings including doctors’ offices, private labs and hospitals. One unique aspect of my job is that I do not have an assigned territory. My eight coworkers and I cover the […]

What Does Travel Mean To You?

This week our friends over at the U.S. Travel Association are sponsoring National Travel and Tourism Week and we just had to get in on the fun! The year’s theme is “Travel is __________” and people from all over the country are filling in the space with what travel means to them. Whether it’s your […]

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