A Better Flight Plan
Better Flight Plan
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Why Lower Fuel Prices are Good for Airline Passengers

With fuel prices lower than they have been in years, we are often asked, why aren’t those fuel savings benefitting the customer? The answer is, they are. And here is how: Airfare remains a great consumer bargain when compared with speed and efficiency to other modes of transportation. When adjusted for inflation, airfare (even including […]

Know Before You Fly – Drones in Our Skies

The future of aviation undoubtedly includes Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), remotely piloted aircraft often referred to as drones. That said, it is important to remember that airspace is shared space – U.S. airlines alone operate nearly 30,000 flights per day – and it is imperative that safety remains the number one priority for all of […]

5 Ways Your Airline Shows Love

Love is in the air! And we’re not just talking about Valentine’s Day travelers. Here is how airlines are showing how they feel about you. New planes – Modern aircraft are being delivered to airlines each week! Improved onboard amenities – Airlines are improving the customer experience and working to bring you all the comforts […]

How Airports Want to Increase the Cost of Air Travel

A family of four could do a lot with $56 – enjoy a meal out, buy shoes for the kids or even pay bills. But if the same family books air travel for a summer vacation, that money could quickly leave their pockets and pad the already robust budgets of airports across the country. Why? […]