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12 Days of Holiday Travel Tips

We’ve just begun the 17-day winter holiday air travel period, with an expected 38.1 million passengers to fly on U.S. airlines from Friday, Dec. 18 through Sunday, Jan. 3.

To help make travel merry and bright for all of us, we compiled a list of things that might land you on the naughty list. Let’s start our New Year’s resolutions early and aim to be considerate toward our fellow travelers by following these 12 simple tips.

  1. Yes, even those liquids need be taken out of your carry on and placed in this quart-sized bag when going through security screening. Taking yours out of your bag and putting them through screening (in a quart-size bag) helps speed the line for you (and those behind you.)Airport: Removing Plastic Bag of Toiletry Items
  2. Please wear pants or shorts. Your pajamas may be comfortable, but they make us uncomfortable.
  3. Seat backs are not handles to help you sit or stand, and they are definitely not meant to serve as a kickboard. Even though you may not be able to see the person, rest assured, they know you are there. So, make sure your little future David Beckham is not practicing penalty kicks mid-flight.
  4. You are in your seat, and see a flight attendant assisting in the boarding process. Though you might be thirsty, or have some trash to get rid of, now is really not the best time to make that ask. Doing these things only slows down the boarding process and may end up delaying your flight.
  5. We support good grooming. We do. We would just rather you take care of these things, like nail clipping, BEFORE you get to the airport. (We can’t believe we have to say this, but we’ve been horrified on enough flights to know a gentle reminder is in order.) .
  6. On that note, keep your shoes – or at least your socks – on during the flight and never walk into the lavatory with just socks or bare feet.
  7. You’re probably going to get hungry on the flight. Bring food, if you like. But remember, not everyone likes the smell of tuna. Or onions. Or limburger cheese.salad-1088411_1280
  8. Bring things that will entertain your children. If those things make noise, don’t forget the headphones. The sounds of video games are a lot like popping bubble wrap. It’s really only fun for the person doing it.
  9. Yes, you can use your phone when the plane lands. But hold off on FaceTime until later. Rows 17 and 18 do not need to hear your entire conversation. And will likely be making a Facebook post about you if you do.
  10. The middle seat passenger gets both armrests. We didn’t make the rule. But that’s the rule.
  11. Remember that when there is a disruption in your travel, the reservation desk, gate agent and/or flight attendant isn’t responsible for that. They are your best allies in getting your trip back on track. Treat them as such.
  12. You’ve probably been to a wedding or two. Ever notice how guests exit the church? That’s right. They file out orderly row by row, starting with the front row. Deplaning works exactly the same way. At the end of a flight, we’re ready to go. Let’s do so with some manners. (We are talking to you, deplaning line jumpers.)industry-accordiansection-1

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