2016 Airlines for America Nondestructive Forum Presentations

Monday – September 26, 2016

8:30-1500 SAE AMS K Meeting – Non Destructive Methods and Processes Committee
15:00 NDT Network Meeting
18:00-2100 WELCOME RECEPTION IN EXHIBIT HALL Sponsored by: Applied Technical Services, Ether NDE, GE Inspection Technologies, InterTest, Machida, Olympus, Techna NDT, USA Borescopes

Tuesday – September 27, 2016

8:00 2016 NDT FORUM OPENING SESSION Charles Shepherd, A4A NDT Network Chair, American Airlines
8:15 Welcome Keynote – Supporting Our Customers with Effective and Efficient NDT Methodologies – Mr. Patrick Schirmer – Vice President – Customer Support,
The Boeing Company
9:00 Would you hire a Color Blind Inspector – Jim MacMillan – Applied Technical Services
9:30 Major Repair to Composite Structure on Boeing 787 Aircraft – Tim Mitchell – American Airlines
10:45 An Airline Perspective on Meeting the Training Needs for NDI of Composites – Alex Melton – Delta Air Lines
11:15 A Composite NDI Training Course to Address the Growing Need for Composite Laminate Inspections – Stephen Neidigk – Sandia National Laboratories
13:00 New Standard Requirements and Possibilities Using UV-LED lamps for Fluorescent Magnetic-Particle (MPI) and Penetrant Inspection (FPI) in Aerospace – Marc Breit – Secu-Chek
13:30 Product Technology Showcase – In Situ Borescope FPI – Brian MacCracken – KaMac NDT
13:45 MRO Operational Efficiency-Gains Enabled by Go/No-Go Digital Dent-Mapping – A Case Study – Arun Chhabra -8-Tree LLC, Roberto Rocha – TAP Portugal
14:15 Advances in 3D Surface Scanning & Analysis Technologies with Remote Visual Inspection NDT – Thomas Britton – GE Inspection Technologies
14:45 Creaform HandySCAN 3D Surface Inspector 2.0 Solution Abstract and Quad Chart– Chris Stanley – Barfield, Mark Maizonnasse – Creaform
15:45 Automation I: Visual, Remote, Connected Inspections and “Internet of NDT-Things” – Alvaro Espada – Airbus
16:15 Supporting Technology for Remote NDT – Jan Olav Endrerud – Dolphitech
16:45 Product Technology Showcase – DophiTech’s Product Portfolio – Oystein Knauserud – DolphiTech
17:00 A4A “Roll Call” – Group Discussion of Airline “Hot Issues” Moderated by Charles Shepherd, American Airlines

Wednesday – September 28, 2016

8:00 2016 NDT FORUM DAY TWO OPENS Charles Shepherd, A4A NDT Network Chair, American Airlines
8:05 Welcome
8:10 14th Annual Better Way Award Presentation
8:45 NDT for Additive Manufactured / 3D-Printed Parts – What does this mean for Airline Maintenance and NDT Shops – Holger Speckmann – Testia Gmbh
9:15 Product Technology Showcase – New Generation of Smart NDT Tools and Remote Assistance via OMA – Bastian Ehrhart, Vincent Bissauge – Testia Gmbh
9:30 Structural Health Monitoring for Aircraft – Viable Inspection Tool or Passing Fancy? – Dennis Roach – Sandia National Laboratories
10:00 Product Technology Showcase – Uniwest’s new EVi with the ECS-3S Scanner brings previously Inaccessible Surface Areas into View with Real-Time Surface Imaging – Henry Cook – Uniwest
11:00 NDT Technology Readiness – A P&WC Case Study – David Craig – Senior Fellow & Mgr. Non-Destructive Testing – Pratt & Whitney Canada
13:00 SAE Committee K Update
13:15 Enhancing Reliability with Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) at Delta TechOps – David Piotrowski – Delta Air Lines
13:45 Evolution of Materials in Aerospace – Dave Westlund – Federal Aviation Administration
14:15 Unwrapping Inspection’s Digital Thread – Alan Metzger – GE Inspection Technologies
14:45 Product Technology Showcase – Top 5 Capabilities of ATS Jim MacMillan – Applied Technical Services
15:45 Implementing Barkhausen Noise Inspection Methods – Lessons Learned – Sam Tucker – United Airlines
16:15 A-300-600 NTM 57-10-45 Procedure A, B, C – John Ellington – Federal Express
16:45 Product Technology Showcase – Testing and Inspection Solutions for the Aviation Industry – James Bittner, Michael Tomasch – Olympus
17:00 AutoInspect-Innovative Inspection System for Engine Components – Michael Ernst and Karsten Ross – Lufthansa Technik AG

Thursday, September 29, 2016

8:00 2016 NDT FORUM DAY THREE NDT Network Chair’s Report Charles Shepherd – American Airlines
8:15 News@Airbus NDT In-Service – Cedric Chamfroy – Airbus
8:45 FAA NDT Update – Rusty Jones – Federal Aviation Administration
9:15 Advance Infrared Imaging Technology for Aircraft Maintenance – Xiaoyan Han – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University
9:45 A Study to Improve the Open Hole Eddy Current Inspection Procedure – Walt Jarecki Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
10:45 Detecting Major Damage in Internal Composite Structural Components – Hyonny Kim – Professor, University of California San Diego
11:15 Historical Successes’ with CR Implementation & Critical Paths to Process Approval – Jeff Register – GE
11:45 Accessible Eddy Current Array Inspection for Structures and Engine – Dr. Neil Goldfine – Jentek Sensors
12:15 Grand Prize Drawing and Wrap Up