2014 NDT Forum Presentations

Tuesday – September 23, 2014

9:00 787 Inspection Update – Lessons Learned
Quincy Howard, The Boeing Company 
9:30 Inspection Methods for Characterizing Subsurface Impact Damage in Solid Laminate Aerospace Composites
Stephen Neidigk and Dennis Roach, Sandia National Labs 
10:30 FAA SHM Research
Paul Swindell, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
11:00 Validation of a Structural Health Monitoring System and Integration into an Airline Maintenance Program
Part 1Part 2
Dennis Roach, Sandia National Labs
David Piotrowski, Delta Airlines
13:00 Microwave Coating Thickness Inspection for Aerospace Composite Structures
Jesse McDaniel, Malcom D. Prouty, Alan V. Bray, System & Materials  Research Corporation (SMRC)
13:30 Supplemental Type Certificate NDT Inspections: Successes and Challenges
Alex Melton, Delta Air Line
14:30 FAA Research Program
David Westlund, Federal Aviation Administration 
15:30 NDT Certification Challenges
Bryan Lancon, BRL Consultants 
16:00 Airbus – A350 In-Service Damage Assessment
Cedric Chamfroy, Airbus
16:30 Acoustic Emission Testing for Detection of Localized Corrosion of Aluminum 2024 in 3.5% NaCl
Miguel A. Gonzalez Nunez, Mistras Group Inc.
17:00 Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Nondestructive Stress Testing and Portable X-ray Diffraction Systems
Victor F. Sloan, Victor Aviation Service, Inc. 

 Wednesday – September 24, 2014

8:20 SAE Committee K Update
Tom Dreher, Rolls-Royce Corporation
9:00 Investigation of High Intensity UV Lights on FPI and MPI
David Piotrowski, John Lee, Brad Loggins, Delta Air Lines
9:30 Use of Ultrasonic Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technology and Phased Array Technology in Boeing Commercial Airplane Applications 
Jeffrey R. Kollgaard, John R. Linn, The Boeing Company and Hirokazu Karasawa – Toshiba Corporation
10:30 Current Airline and MRO Challenges for NDT of Composites
Eric Chesmar, United Airlines
11:00 New NDI Technologies and Tolls for CFRP Inspection Services
Holger Speckmann, Testia GMBH, Airbus-Group
13:00 Imaging Bond Testing-A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…and 10,000 Point Measurements When Inspecting Composites and Bonded Structures
Dr. Matt Crompton, NDT Systems
13:30 Extended Reach NDI Tool
Nathan Smith, Jeffrey R. Kollgaard, The Boeing Company
Mary Jensen, Fred Perrin and Gary Brockman, UniWest 
14:00 The Resonating Realities of Single Sided Ultrasonic Inspection of Metal Bonded Assemblies
Larry Culbertson, The Nordam Group 
14:30 Investigation of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement for Assessing Blend Repairs
Tom Dreher, Rolls Royce
15:30 Quantitative Thermographic Inspection Using Step Heating
Steven M. Shepard, Thermal Wave Imaging, Inc. 
16:00 Bonded Repair to MD88/90 Horizontal Stabilizer
Alex Melton, Bob Hager, David Piotrowski, Delta Air Lines
16:30 Laser Bond Inspection of Composite Materials
David Sokol, David Lahrman, LSP Technologies, Inc. 

Thursday – September 25, 2014

8:30 The Future of NDT and the Upcoming Paradigm Shift
David Piotrowski, Alex Melton, Delta Air Lines 
9:00 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) a New NDE Technique for Airlines NDE Inspector: Incipient Heat Damage Assessment on Composites by FTIR (Boeing 787 example) and Other Applications
Frederic Prulliere, John Seelenbinder, Frank Higgins, Alan Rein, Agilent Technologies, Inc. 
9:30 Enhanced Inspection Productivity with On-Device Guided Workflows
Dave Jankowski, GE Energy, General Electric Company
10:30 NDT for Non-experts
Jan Olav Endrerud, DolphiTech AS